Wolf makes microwaves, too…


Wolf is not just a leader in ovens and grills, but also a leader in microwaves. Take for example the microwave drawer by Wolf. There are 3 new products to look at, the 
Wolf 24″ Drawer Microwave – Transitional, Wolf 30″ Drawer Microwave – Professional, Wolf 30″ Drawer Microwave – Transitional.

Microwaves can be an eye sore in a kitchen, but these particular drawers make having a microwave look cool.

The photo says it all, it is sleek, practical, and a great addition to your kitchen remodel.

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Kitchens of KBIS 2012: Sub-Zero Wolf

Different companies that were part of KBIS 2012 brought technology into one of the most used rooms of homes today, the kitchen!

Sub-Zero Wolf was one of the companies that stood out to us among the rest. Here are two things that wowed us:

1. Steam Convection Oven – With it’s automatic modes, it is easy to cook all foods. You can make adjustments, they are just suggestions on how to cook which ever food you have chosen. The Steam Convection Oven has the largest interior in its class, 1.8 cubic feet, it is more than 25% larger than other manufacturers’ steam ovens. It can fit a 9×13 casserole dish. The water tank is located on the exterior so as to not interrupt the cooking. The amount of water in tank is equal to 90 mins of full steam. Cooking with steam naturally seals in flavors and juices, helping to produce a healthy delicious meal.

 A Sub-Zero Wolf Chef, Brian Rizzo, says that he loves using the Convection Steam Oven, it is easy and fun to use and it does a lot more than just steam. There is no preheat needed, but if you would need to for some reason, it needs only 4 minutes. Because of not having to preheat, it starts cooking immediately which cuts cooking time in half.

2. The Smart Kitchen. Wouldn’t you love to have a way to know if the door to your refrigerator was left open a jar, even if you are in the other room? Well now you can, it’s the smart kitchen! Technology allows you to view on a screen when someone opens or closes a door/drawer, temperatures, and so many more amazing details!

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