Pinterest Board: Furniture

We wanted to share another Pinterest Board of ours with you!

Furniture can complete a room, look at all of these interesting pieces we found!

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Stairway to Heaven…

We love Pinterest here at Cabinets Extraordinaire! We thought that we would share with you some pictures from one of our boards, Stairway to Heaven. There are some pictures of smart solutions, fun hand rails, and awesome spirals. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Design-Craft Cabinetry: Premium Veneer Styles

Design-Craft offers different ways of making your cabinets uniquely yours. Having a Premium Veneer Style is a way to do this. Premium hardwood veneer styles offer uniqueness in color and pattern, creating an exotic feel to your room.

Quartersawn Figured: Premium cut veneers, such as the simple grain patterns of anigre or the sharp contrasts of black walnut, display beautiful character and natural figuring of the wood.

Reconstituted: Aesthetically combined layers of veneer are joined to form a uniform gran with high contrasting colors found in Rosewood to Zebrawood.

All Their Own: These highly desirable veneers boast unique irregular patterns and contrast, offering a unique, specialized look to your decor.

Kerri of Cabinets Extraordinaire likes the look of Red Gum Veneer along with the Rosewood Veneer. They both have a classic look to them, but still unique.

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