Kitchen Storage in 2013


Okay people, it is January 15 – have you tackled your New Year’s Resolutions? If you said no, and one of your New Year’s resolutions was to get organized, we have some great tips and tricks for you.

We are all about clever storage and love the idea of using your drawers as a pantry or a place to keep your dishes. With using air-tight storage bins, you can keep lots of dry food out of your top shelves or off your counters. OR by using easy to find pegboard, that is also customizable, you can keep your drawers a safe place to keep your dishes.  (Photo courtesy of

We also like the idea of using a knife wall-mount magnet. Like the one above from William-Sonoma. It is a great option to free up counter space rather than using a butcher’s block.

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Stairway to Heaven…

We love Pinterest here at Cabinets Extraordinaire! We thought that we would share with you some pictures from one of our boards, Stairway to Heaven. There are some pictures of smart solutions, fun hand rails, and awesome spirals. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Design-Craft Cabinetry: Organization

Organize. Do More With More Space. Tailor your family’s unique storage needs with creative cabinet options.

Store: get savvy storage with a base cabinet pull-out with hidden shelves. The full-height door cleverly disguises two extra drawers for a cleaner “less is more” appearance.
Organize: no more digging into the dark interior of a corner base cabinet – these inspired corner base shelves with non-skid shelves easily rotate out for instant access.
Accessorize: sometimes it’s the simple accessories that provide the most pay-off. Large items such as, cookie sheets, muffin tins and pizza stones are easily found with a tray divider base with adjustable partitions.

Design-Craft has created an array of different items that you can have in your kitchen to help you with storage, organization and accessorizing. We are excited to share some of them with you:


Pull Out Table

Pull-out table: 32″ when fully extended. Extend the counter space of your new kitchen with this ingenious pull-out countertop.


Pots and Pans Storage



Pots and pans storage: store lids and oversized cookware in generous Design-Craft interiors.


Peg Board Drawer Organizer

Peg board drawer organizer: use an imaginative peg system to adjust to your ideal storage needs.


Tall Pull-Out Storage






Tall pull-out storage: the ideal, two-sided access cabinet for maximum storage of everyday necessities.


Pantry Cabinets

Pantry cabinets: more space inside never looked so organized.








Do you like these helpful storage, organization and accessory ideas? If so, come by our Design Center on Fruitville Road in Sarasota, Florida so that we can help show you how to  incorporate these useful tools into a new kitchen from


In a World Where Everything Should Have a Place: In the Kitchen

In today’s world it seems that the general person has a lot of stuff but not enough places to put it. On a daily basis there are people who wonder, “there has to be a better way” or “I could come up with something better”. Different companies are trying to find different ways around this dilemma.

The kitchen is one of these places that seems to accumulate stuff. The mail piles up in one corner, there are spices falling from the racks that your husband made for you, the fancy “show me off” plates are mixed in between the “everyday” plates, full wine bottles are put up against the back-splash (almost like they are part of the design), the cabinets are overflowing with miscellaneous pantry items and the list goes on. Does this sound like your kitchen? Do you walk into it every day thinking that you really wish that you had better storage or organization? Do you dread going into your kitchen because you are afraid that something might fall from the cabinets or you might end up finding something that got “lost” in the back of your pantry?

Kitchen cabinetry companies are trying to find different ways to help out, giving the consumer the option to have different storage as part of their cabinetry. It could be something really simple like having a cutlery drawer insert or having a special place to put your favorite bottle of wine.

Now as part of your kitchen, you can have drawer inserts, pull-out pantries, pull-out shelves, pull-out baskets, pull-out spice racks and the list goes on. Cabinetry companies are trying to help people on a day-to-day basis to make their kitchens more functional; knowing that the average household is getting more and more busy with each passing day, wanting to use the time they have in the kitchen to the utmost potential and not searching endlessly for the Nutmeg hidden behind a can of soup that was put there last week because it needed a spot to be put away and that is what you found.

Can you imagine these organizational tools in your kitchen? Can you picture going in and knowing that everything has a place for it and that it won’t be a treasure hunt to see where it was last put (that is assuming that your children or husband puts it back in the right spot).

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, the main gathering place. Make it special, make it your own! Simplify your life with any of these helpful must-haves!

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Cabinets: the Base to a Beautiful Room

When people think about cabinetry, they generally think about kitchens. Which makes sense because kitchens make up a large part of the cabinet industry today. But there is more to cabinetry than just kitchens.

There are so many different options to choose from when picking out cabinetry. Whether it is for a kitchen, bathroom, home office, outdoor kitchen, or an entertainment center (to name a few). There are different colors, wood species, styles, and designs to choose from; one could get flustered just looking at all the different options available to someone looking for new cabinetry.

Along with all the different options of styles and designs there are different manufacturers to help you along the way. Each manufacturer has their own technique and twist on the every day cabinet that helps each stand out in their own unique way. Here are some of the different cabinetry manufacturers:

Medallion Cabinetry was voted “Best Value” by Consumer Review last year in the arena of semi-custom cabinetry for your kitchen, bath, or any other living space. Medallion has a commitment to innovation, style and quality in a fashionable style to last a lifetime. This company is truly customer service oriented and provides a true value for the investment made.

Miralis has a unique cabinetry offering of veneers, foils, acrylics, exotic materials and more to achieve a kitchen that is urban, elegant and state of the art. Miralis cabinetry is known for its rich colors that will liven your kitchen and living spaces.

Holiday Kitchens combines its contemporary cabinetry line known as “Cucina di Festa” with a tried and true traditional offering. The Cucina line, although an Italian name, is American made along with all of Holiday’s products made in Wisconsin. Their kitchen products will work wonders in your remodel as they provide function and beauty with style.

Yorktowne will bring comfort and grace to your master suite with their extensive bathroom cabinetry collection featuring spa inspired bath or an ornate Victorian respite. All of the bath cabinetry collections give you an appearance of carefully crafted furniture pieces which will make your bath remodel a sure success!

No matter the room, choosing the right cabinetry will definitely enhance it! Cabinetry is also a great way to add more storage when you are limited on space, while adding character and timeless beauty at the same time.

Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in Sarasota, Florida. Our Design Center is located on Fruitville Road.