What is Happening in Sarasota: Selby Gardens Plant & Garden Festival


Looking for plans this weekend in Sarasota?

Go support Selby Gardens at their annual Plant & Garden Festival.

Details are HERE.

February 23 – 24, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

(Saturday early admission for members – 9:00am)


  • Members get in FREE
  • Non-member adults enjoy a discounted admission of $12
  • Member Guests $5
  • Children 11 & under are free

Disclaimer: This special event will benefit Selby Gardens’  education, horticulture and research efforts. Guest passes, coupons, and reciprocal offers are not accepted.

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Blue Rooster Opens Their Doors: Sarasota News


We like to keep you updated on things happening in Sarasota.

We are happy to report there is a new restaurant in town, The Blue Rooster.

Serving Southern food with charm, it is a great place to listen to live music and enjoy a drink with your best friends. The restaurant has a great look, and hopefully they pass on their recipe for Scallion Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. If they do, we will be happy to post it here.  Make a reservation and tell them Cabinets Extraordinaire sent you.

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Gifting in Sarasota: Artisan Cheese Company


We would like to remind all of our readers to shop local.

We have many favorite stores, but we wanted to highlight the Artisan Cheese Company in Sarasota on Main Street.  Not only do they have cheese (some of the best I have tasted), but also gift cards for the foodie in your life and some really great products.

Please stop in and tell them Cabinets Extraordinaire sent you.

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Sarasota: Cabinets Extraordinaire and W. P. Hicks Construction Holiday Party


We were excited to host our Annual Holiday Party at our showroom. 2 Saxy serenaded us with music, while a good time was had by all.

See photos on our Facebook page here.

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Fun for Friday: Sarasota Culinary Tours

Featured on the Three Kitcheneers: Take a stroll in Downtown Sarasota as you embark on a 2.5 hour walking culinary tour with some of the best restaurants that Sarasota has to offer. You will stop at three different food locations and one desert location throughout the tour providing our guests the opportunity to taste what some of the best chefs in the city are offering. Sarasota Culinary Tours will help introduce you to the Historical District and surrounding neighborhoods and some of its culinary gems to which you can return to for breakfast, lunch, or dinner during your stay! Culinary Tours will help introduce you to the Historic District and surrounding neighborhoods and some of its culinary gems to which you can return for breakfast, lunch or dinner during your stay!

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In a World Where Everything Should Have a Place: In the Kitchen

In today’s world it seems that the general person has a lot of stuff but not enough places to put it. On a daily basis there are people who wonder, “there has to be a better way” or “I could come up with something better”. Different companies are trying to find different ways around this dilemma.

The kitchen is one of these places that seems to accumulate stuff. The mail piles up in one corner, there are spices falling from the racks that your husband made for you, the fancy “show me off” plates are mixed in between the “everyday” plates, full wine bottles are put up against the back-splash (almost like they are part of the design), the cabinets are overflowing with miscellaneous pantry items and the list goes on. Does this sound like your kitchen? Do you walk into it every day thinking that you really wish that you had better storage or organization? Do you dread going into your kitchen because you are afraid that something might fall from the cabinets or you might end up finding something that got “lost” in the back of your pantry?

Kitchen cabinetry companies are trying to find different ways to help out, giving the consumer the option to have different storage as part of their cabinetry. It could be something really simple like having a cutlery drawer insert or having a special place to put your favorite bottle of wine.

Now as part of your kitchen, you can have drawer inserts, pull-out pantries, pull-out shelves, pull-out baskets, pull-out spice racks and the list goes on. Cabinetry companies are trying to help people on a day-to-day basis to make their kitchens more functional; knowing that the average household is getting more and more busy with each passing day, wanting to use the time they have in the kitchen to the utmost potential and not searching endlessly for the Nutmeg hidden behind a can of soup that was put there last week because it needed a spot to be put away and that is what you found.

Can you imagine these organizational tools in your kitchen? Can you picture going in and knowing that everything has a place for it and that it won’t be a treasure hunt to see where it was last put (that is assuming that your children or husband puts it back in the right spot).

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, the main gathering place. Make it special, make it your own! Simplify your life with any of these helpful must-haves!

Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in Sarasota, Florida. Our Design Center is located on Fruitville Road.