Gatsby Style…in the Kitchen (We <3 Leo + Home Design)


We received a great email today with the photo (above) from Artistic Tile Collections. It is gorgeous and totally Gatsby-style, just in time for the new movie to come out.

This kitchen (below) encompasses great style and is also inspired by the Gatsby era.


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Happy President’s Day: The White House



Happy President’s Day!

In honor of today, here is a photo of what The White House kitchen looks like today. 

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Kitchen Pass-Throughs

Lately we are doing more Open Plan Kitchens than not, but we don’t want to forget about the Pass-Through style kitchen.

When we remodel a kitchen, we try to make it as warm and inviting as possible. Usually this results in taking down a wall or two in order to make it more open. But what if your budget doesn’t allow to take down one or two walls, but you still want to open up your kitchen? A pass-through is a great way of opening up your kitchen.

Did you know that the kitchen pass-through was originally designed to provide a way to serve food from the kitchen while concealing any mess that was created while cooking? So not only is a pass-through a functional design to the kitchen, it is also a decorative appeal.

There are different forms of a pass-through, and thanks to an article that was on titled, “Don’t Pass Up the Kitchen Pass-Through” written by Lisa Frederick; we can share some pictures of 8 different kinds!

Klopf Architecture - Kitchen from Sun Room traditional kitchen  Mesa View Residence, Arroyo Grande contemporary dining room  Classic City Kitchen traditional kitchen                          Kitchen Built-In Booth traditional kitchen  Sarah Susanka FAIA traditional living roomBassett Residence traditional dining room  Shingle style home in Hanover NH traditional dining room
                       Kitchen mediterranean kitchen
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Kitchens of KBIS 2012: Sub-Zero Wolf

Different companies that were part of KBIS 2012 brought technology into one of the most used rooms of homes today, the kitchen!

Sub-Zero Wolf was one of the companies that stood out to us among the rest. Here are two things that wowed us:

1. Steam Convection Oven – With it’s automatic modes, it is easy to cook all foods. You can make adjustments, they are just suggestions on how to cook which ever food you have chosen. The Steam Convection Oven has the largest interior in its class, 1.8 cubic feet, it is more than 25% larger than other manufacturers’ steam ovens. It can fit a 9×13 casserole dish. The water tank is located on the exterior so as to not interrupt the cooking. The amount of water in tank is equal to 90 mins of full steam. Cooking with steam naturally seals in flavors and juices, helping to produce a healthy delicious meal.

 A Sub-Zero Wolf Chef, Brian Rizzo, says that he loves using the Convection Steam Oven, it is easy and fun to use and it does a lot more than just steam. There is no preheat needed, but if you would need to for some reason, it needs only 4 minutes. Because of not having to preheat, it starts cooking immediately which cuts cooking time in half.

2. The Smart Kitchen. Wouldn’t you love to have a way to know if the door to your refrigerator was left open a jar, even if you are in the other room? Well now you can, it’s the smart kitchen! Technology allows you to view on a screen when someone opens or closes a door/drawer, temperatures, and so many more amazing details!

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Reasons Why You Should Choose an NKBA Certified Designer…

Kitchen and Bath professionals work hard everyday to bring their clients the most professionally designed kitchen or bath that is safe, functional, and designed to NKBA standards.

Listed on the NKBA website ( they explain why you should choose a NKBA Certified Designer for your kitchen or bathroom:

Choosing the right design professional is an important decision for your project’s success. By selecting an NKBA-certified designer, you will be working with a professional who:

  • Has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in kitchen and bath design, as well as construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Adheres to a strict code of professional conduct.
  • Is an expert in the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines & Access Standards, which recognizes the importance of consumer health, safety, and welfare in kitchen and bath design.
  • Is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the kitchen and bath industry’s leading professional organization that provides them with the training and tools needed to succeed.
  • Is skilled at assessing consumers’ individual needs and wants and creating designs that meet and exceed these requirements.
  • Remains current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations and the wealth of new products and equipment on the market.

When hiring a professional to work on your dream kitchen or bath, be sure to look for the NKBA certified or member logo:

Cabinets Extraordinaire is part of the Central Florida Chapter, this is our Chapter Logo:

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Introducing…Design-Craft Cabinets

We are excited to introduce: Design-Craft Cabinets! Medallion (Elkay) recently just introduced this great new line of frame-less cabinetry. This American company is located in Waconia, Minnesota.

Their simple, but powerful saying is: Great design. Greater capacity.

Design-Craft has space-making cabinets for the kitchen, bath and whole home. Their cabinets have more space inside, for everything. It’s the look you want, with the space your family needs.

With more room in every wall cabinet, you have a place for literally everything, including your entire stemware collection, and large dinner plates, and serving bowls that don’t fit into 12” deep traditional framed cabinets. Also with Design-Craft, you can store more in every drawer with up to 60% more space inside; graters, ladles and other odd-sized utensils will no longer get caught when opening the drawer. And, with more space inside, Design-Craft everyday storage solutions fit your family’s unique storage needs.

Design-Craft benefits:
     1. Deeper cabinet storage: 13″ deep.
     2. More drawer space, up to 60% more!
     3. Tailored organization: hundreds of storage solutions to stay
         organized and store more.

Whether traditional, transitional or contemporary, your vision for your new room is completely possible with the Design-Craft palette of materials. Choices range from woods and veneers to tough thermofoil and dramatic acrylics.


Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in Sarasota, Florida. Our Design Center is located on Fruitville Road.

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In a World Where Everything Should Have a Place: In the Kitchen

In today’s world it seems that the general person has a lot of stuff but not enough places to put it. On a daily basis there are people who wonder, “there has to be a better way” or “I could come up with something better”. Different companies are trying to find different ways around this dilemma.

The kitchen is one of these places that seems to accumulate stuff. The mail piles up in one corner, there are spices falling from the racks that your husband made for you, the fancy “show me off” plates are mixed in between the “everyday” plates, full wine bottles are put up against the back-splash (almost like they are part of the design), the cabinets are overflowing with miscellaneous pantry items and the list goes on. Does this sound like your kitchen? Do you walk into it every day thinking that you really wish that you had better storage or organization? Do you dread going into your kitchen because you are afraid that something might fall from the cabinets or you might end up finding something that got “lost” in the back of your pantry?

Kitchen cabinetry companies are trying to find different ways to help out, giving the consumer the option to have different storage as part of their cabinetry. It could be something really simple like having a cutlery drawer insert or having a special place to put your favorite bottle of wine.

Now as part of your kitchen, you can have drawer inserts, pull-out pantries, pull-out shelves, pull-out baskets, pull-out spice racks and the list goes on. Cabinetry companies are trying to help people on a day-to-day basis to make their kitchens more functional; knowing that the average household is getting more and more busy with each passing day, wanting to use the time they have in the kitchen to the utmost potential and not searching endlessly for the Nutmeg hidden behind a can of soup that was put there last week because it needed a spot to be put away and that is what you found.

Can you imagine these organizational tools in your kitchen? Can you picture going in and knowing that everything has a place for it and that it won’t be a treasure hunt to see where it was last put (that is assuming that your children or husband puts it back in the right spot).

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, the main gathering place. Make it special, make it your own! Simplify your life with any of these helpful must-haves!

Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in Sarasota, Florida. Our Design Center is located on Fruitville Road.