Bee Ridge Lighting + Our Showroom


We always try to do something new in our showroom, and we have just updated the front unit, with new backsplash and lighting. We think it looks gorgeous. We worked with Bee Ridge Lighting on this project and are thrilled with the outcome.

Stop by to take a look and see how we can help you with your kitchen lighting needs.

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Babyproofing your Cabinets: Helpful Hints

We love cabinets, but we know when children are involved, babyproofing is needed in those early years. Once your baby starts crawling it is time to think about babyproofing.

We would like to recommend a few products that have worked for us, and also tested by Good Housekeeping, and they may just work for you:

The First Years Cabinet Safety Lock model 3337 and Kidco Cabinet Lock model S110. Both are plastic U-shaped locks that hook around cabinet knobs or handles quickly. It is an easy pinch to release for adults.

For DrawersTot Lock/Safety 1st Magnetic Cabinet Locks – Good Housekeeping says you just need a magnetic key over the surface of the cabinet to unlock it. These locks can be “turned off” for busy times. Above-average carpentry skills are required, but these were the best that Good Housekeeping tested, and magnets are easier for lock-challenged adults.

Good luck and, remember, this is not a forever thing, but an important thing.

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Sarasota Kitchen Designers and Interior Designers: New Product Coming to Cabinets Extraordinaire!

Calling all Sarasota Kitchen Designers and Sarasota Interior Designers!

We will be announcing soon a new line coming to our showroom. Please email or call for inquiries and set-up a time to speak to one of our experts how this new cabinet product will make a splash for your next project.

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Kitchen Pass-Throughs

Lately we are doing more Open Plan Kitchens than not, but we don’t want to forget about the Pass-Through style kitchen.

When we remodel a kitchen, we try to make it as warm and inviting as possible. Usually this results in taking down a wall or two in order to make it more open. But what if your budget doesn’t allow to take down one or two walls, but you still want to open up your kitchen? A pass-through is a great way of opening up your kitchen.

Did you know that the kitchen pass-through was originally designed to provide a way to serve food from the kitchen while concealing any mess that was created while cooking? So not only is a pass-through a functional design to the kitchen, it is also a decorative appeal.

There are different forms of a pass-through, and thanks to an article that was on titled, “Don’t Pass Up the Kitchen Pass-Through” written by Lisa Frederick; we can share some pictures of 8 different kinds!

Klopf Architecture - Kitchen from Sun Room traditional kitchen  Mesa View Residence, Arroyo Grande contemporary dining room  Classic City Kitchen traditional kitchen                          Kitchen Built-In Booth traditional kitchen  Sarah Susanka FAIA traditional living roomBassett Residence traditional dining room  Shingle style home in Hanover NH traditional dining room
                       Kitchen mediterranean kitchen
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Design-Craft Cabinetry: Thermofoil Styles & Finishes

Thermofoil Styles

A rugged alternative to hardwood, thermofoil styles are made with a durable PVC overlay, which is fused with heat to natural wood fiberboard. The result is a surface that has a superior stain and scratch resistance and is super easy to clean.

Raised Panel: A slightly raised center panel is characteristic of this door style and may have additional profile detail commonly found in traditionally-styled rooms.

Flat Panel: the flat center panel door style typically has minimal ornamentation and is a versatile choice for traditional, transitional and contemporary decor themes.

Beaded: the distinctive look of the beaded door style has a vertically ridged center panel and adds a casual style detail to your home.

Slab: descriptive of its solid, flat surface, the slab door style has little to no detailing and is exemplary of modern aesthetics with clean lines.

Thermofoil Finishes

The thermofoil finish is created by fusing durable PVC to natural wood fiberboard with heat. The result is a surface that has superior stain and scratch resistance, and is a breeze to maintain with simple wiping.

Matte: a solid, soft and muted finish available in two neutral tones. (This finish is shown above with the Caledon door).

Woodgrain: woodgrain finishes provide a realistic-looking, durable alternative to hardwoods. (This finish is shown above with the Ridgecrest door).

Gloss: is often used for contemporary or urban designs. These high luster finishes are available in a wide variety of colors. (This finish is shown above with the Eaton door).

Accents: enhanced with glaze, select matte and woodgrain finishes highlight decorative features of a door style. (The above pictures feature the Ridgecrest and Lawrence Door Styles. Both have an accent called Carbo Accent).


Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in SarasotaFlorida. OurDesign Center is located on Fruitville Road.

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Design-Craft Cabinetry: Acrylic Styles and Finishes

Acrylic styles and finishes create the ultimate in drama when incorporated into your new room. Created by applying  thick layer of clear glass to a specialized base, the acrylic material provides a rich, high-gloss finish. Take care of an acrylic finish with careful buffing and polishing, which will remove minor scratches.

Sleek and sophisticated, acrylic finishes are highly reflective.


Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in Sarasota, Florida. Our Design Center is located on Fruitville Road.


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Design-Craft Cabinetry: Decorative Door Inserts

Design-Craft offers a variety of door insert options, including decorative glass and mullion grids that add beauty and personality to your cabinets. Available on most standard wood, premium veneer and thermofoil styles.

Decorative Glass: Add sparkle to any room with decorative glass door inserts. Also available in open or mullion framed doors.

Mirrors: Mirror inserts bring style and light into any room. Our hand-crafted mirrors are unique – with no two patterns alike.

Leaded Glass: leaded glass combines old-world craftsmanship with today’s technology, to create a truly personal and lasting statement.

Mullion Grids: mullions are a decorative grid of frmaework and glass that create a custom look anywhere in the home.

Aluminum Doors: Transform the entire look of your space with a sleek and stylish aluminum framed door.


Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in Sarasota, Florida. Our Design Center is located on Fruitville Road.


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Design-Craft Cabinetry: Premium Veneer Styles

Design-Craft offers different ways of making your cabinets uniquely yours. Having a Premium Veneer Style is a way to do this. Premium hardwood veneer styles offer uniqueness in color and pattern, creating an exotic feel to your room.

Quartersawn Figured: Premium cut veneers, such as the simple grain patterns of anigre or the sharp contrasts of black walnut, display beautiful character and natural figuring of the wood.

Reconstituted: Aesthetically combined layers of veneer are joined to form a uniform gran with high contrasting colors found in Rosewood to Zebrawood.

All Their Own: These highly desirable veneers boast unique irregular patterns and contrast, offering a unique, specialized look to your decor.

Kerri of Cabinets Extraordinaire likes the look of Red Gum Veneer along with the Rosewood Veneer. They both have a classic look to them, but still unique.

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Design-Craft Specialities Continued

Speciality Painted Finishing. With three comprehensive paint treatments, Classic, Vintage and Heirloom, there is a look for every style.
     Classic Features: Base primer fill coat for a smooth surface. 
                                    Pigmented enamel for lustrous color.
     Vintage Features: Glaze adds a patina over the base color.
                                      Glaze collects and highlights door features.
     Heirloom Features: Random distressing.
                                        Sand-through to wood.
                                        Sanded corners.

Custom Colors. With three easy steps, our custom color program allows you to order any color in a classic paint treatment on any maple door style. The advanced process along with our specialized color technicians, interpret color from a sample you provide for a one-of-a-kind, custom painted finish treatment.
     Three easy steps:
          1. A color sample is sent in and produced on a door style of 
              your choosing. 
          2. The sample is sent to you for review and approval.
          3. The order is placed.

Just imagine the possibilities, the endless choices of color! You can make your kitchen unique to you and your family!


Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in Sarasota, Florida. Our Design Center is located on Fruitville Road.

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Design-Craft Cabinetry: Specialties

Design-Craft likes to make all of their cabinets customer unique, no two homes are the exact same with Design-Craft.

Specialty Distressing: Create the exact look you want with specialty distressing, offered in three levels of character – subtly worn with the Antique treatment, weather-beaten with the Legacy treatment, and true-to-life aging with the Appaloosa treatment. The Antique treatment features: dents, softly sanded corners & glaze hang-up. The Legacy treatment features: knife splits, worm holes, spatter marks & chisel marks. The Appaloosa treatment features: spray spatter & brushed glaze accents. Two Specialty Distressing favorites are:

Specialty Finishing: If your vision includes incredibly detailed, historic looks, take a closer look at the Coastal, Vineyard and Pinot Noir specialty finish treatments. The Coastal Collection features: color-washed stain and dry hand-brushed accent. The Vineyard features: deep red stain base, black glaze application and glaze brush blending. The Pinot Noir features: base coat sealer to lock in red, black paint coverage, hand-rubbed wear-through and softly sanded corners. One of the Specialty Finishing favorites is:


Would you love to have new cabinets in your home but getting started is the problem? Look no further than Cabinets Extraordinaire in Sarasota, Florida. Our Design Center is located on Fruitville Road.

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